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Location: France

Sonic style: Classical - Jazz- Pop - Folk

Label: Swartkat Studios

Official Website:

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poetic vibes

South African born singer-songwriter, Nicole started writing poetry at a young age.


After venturing into the dark night of her soul, she found her way back to her creative spirit and started turning the poetry into songs, discovering her voice and embarked on journey of working with talented singing coaches and composers in Cape Town.​


Music was a pursuit of passion and her then full time career in financial crime investigation took her to New York City.


One layoff later, she realised her insides wanted to take some time off and figure out what next.


She got onto a train to Los Angeles and found herself co-creating music and lyrics alongside incredible artists and producers in the USA.


kaal_kind is the first song she produced in 2022 and had been holding on for the right moment to release it into the world. Now, Nicole unveils love duet Soete Wierook with talented singer-songwriter and musician Jan-Hendrik Fourie and is working on her next single and EP…

South-African born singer-songwriter
founder and creator

Passionate about all individuals being able to discover and express their authentic voices in world, Nicole founded Swartkat Studios.

Swartkat aims to change the creative landscape in order to enable and empower creatives and inspire everyone to embrace the creative self.

"Poetry brought me back to self. It is in the heart of every song I write and sing."

founder and creator of Swartkat Studios empowering authentic art


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